Most film schools require that students commit to a full curriculum- and very high tuition. Many over $40,000 per year. Not at Film School Nashville. At Film School Nashville we believe that our students should be able to explore their interest in filmmaking one class at a time... and for a fraction of the cost. Most of our classes are under $300.

Our teachers are very experienced filmmaking professionals who love to share their craft. We believe that, in our 100% positive learning environment, our students will be able to learn the skills that will allow them to compete with the students from the large university programs.  


"The Actor's School is our "sister school" so our students have direct access to the largest pool of actors in the South for their student film projects.  This is a huge benefit since casting is the most important part of any project next to story. The synergy of The Actor's School and Film School Nashville will help make your film projects a true expression of your creative vision.  No other school can offer you greater personal attention."

Owner / Director, Alan Dysert graduated from one of those large university programs and he knows there can be a lot of time and money wasted. "My teachers had never actually worked in the  professional filmmaking world. Their experience was strictly academic. Our classes are very hands-on."


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